It’s 2am, and I have tons of thoughts running through my mind, so why not blog about them? I mean, what else would I be doing at this time? Sleeping? Yeah right.

When you strive to see the good in everyone, you are oftentimes led to disappointment. You believe everyone has a kind heart and good intentions, just like you, but the reality is, that isn’t always the case. Time and time again, you’re disappointed by those who choose to leave, play with your emotions, and take advantage of you.

For a second, you had me going. You filled my head with so many plans, all of which were left unfulfilled. What happened? I won’t contemplate whether it was something I did or said. It wasn’t my fault – it was all you. Maybe I should have trusted my instincts and taken the advice of those who care most. But no, when you tend to only see the good in people, you keep trying, hoping you’ll prove everyone else wrong.

You’re not worth my time, and yet, here I am, still entertaining you, pretending that I’m not disappointed or angry. I deserve better than to just be your ego boost, your second choice. I deserve someone who won’t get my hopes up, just to immediately tear them down, someone who doesn’t play games to get what they want, someone who won’t have me constantly questioning their intentions.

Lesson learned. Time to focus on me, and learning how to love myself so much that I’ll never again fall for the games people like you play.